How to Convert GoPro HD Hero 120fps Footage to Slow Motion

In this video, I explain how to convert your GoPro HD Hero 2 120fps footage to true slow motion. I use MPEG Streamclip and Final Cut Express. However, the workflow for iMovie is very similar.


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16 Responses to How to Convert GoPro HD Hero 120fps Footage to Slow Motion

  1. Drew says:

    when i load video to imovie there is black bars on both sides and does fit to the full screen i have a hero 3 and because of this i cant mix match from my canon to my hero in the same edit because of this smaller frame how do i fix this

  2. Peter says:

    Thanks foryour tutorial.
    It looks like it needs a written tutorial, listed step by step.
    We also need to know the version of GoPro Camera and all the version of software.
    Without it is confusing. You know speaking out of the blue does not always explain it clear. With the writing you can go over it again and again until it is totally clear for everybody.

    This is not critique it is a support.


    • Peter L. Kunz says:

      Yes, I agree with you. Without the different versions most users will be left behind. So this tutorial should be well organized and before publishing it should be tested by several users. Or better leave it and travel. It looks like that is really your talent.

  3. Jacob W. says:

    Is there a way to do this in Windows?

  4. Mike says:


    thanks a lot for the tutorial! But I had to update MPEG Streamclip to the latest version first since my old one didn’t have the option to export a movie as an image sequence.
    Thanks a lot!


  5. Alex says:

    Really stupid question; just bought a gopro hero 2 and played around filming in 120 fps but when watching the raw footage on my tv straight from the camera it’s not slow motion. Do I always need to edit on my computer before actually seeing in slow motion? Cheers mate

  6. James says:


    Thanks for the tutorial, glad I do not have to spend a bunch of money on some expensive software. I’m using iMovie 9 too but I think I’m missing a step as when I play back the video it seems to just step between frames. I’ve set the photo placement time to 1 and set photo placement option to fit to frame, is there something I’m missing or is it my hardware? I’m using a 2.16GHz mac book pro with 2GB of ram.


    • Buffer says:

      Click on one of the photos and set the time to .1 (can only be done once loaded). Then click the “apply to all box”, that should do it.

      • James says:

        Sweet! I was playing about with that but must have been putting the wrong numbers in. It works but it’s not very smooth.

        Thank for your help you are a star!

  7. Tim Riding says:

    Thanx for the super speedy reply to my last request : )

    I’ve just tried to follow your instructions as to how to use iMovie 11 and got 100% success until I got to the iMovie, File, Project Properties page. At this point things seemed not to tally with your description quite as I’d understood. I couldn’t find the ‘photo placement’ option that I could set to 1 second, the only photo placement option was ‘initial photo placement’ which had a drop down with three options; fit to frame, crop and ken burns.
    Also, I couldn’t see a camera icon, nor was there a choice of iPhoto/Events, centre left of screen!,…at this point I became convinced you must have been referring to a different version of iMovie so I thought it’d be best if I contacted yourself for a little extra guidance.
    If this seems a little too much hassle, I fully understand if you decide to withdraw your offer of help as I can imagine how frustrating it could be dealing with a noob.
    Once again thanx in advance for the help you’ve given, I sincerely appreciate it.


    Tim Riding

    • Buffer says:

      You’re so close. I have iMovie 9.0.4, the latest version. When asked for “initial photo placement” choose “fit to frame”. The slider to set the photo placement time should be right above that. As for the camera insert icon, It’s on the right center bar with the transition, text and music insert buttons. Good luck. I’ll do a recording of my screen using iMovie this weekend.

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