Goofy Challenge

As if a marathon isn’t enough I’ve fallen victim to the marketing wizards of Disney and their use of the word challenge. I’ve signed up for an entire weekend of running. First a half marathon then a full. Continue reading

A 12 Step Plan to Getting Wasted on a Plane

Getting wasted on a plane is a skill anyone can learn. Yes I said skill. I’ve drawn on my extensive flying experience and compiled 12 Steps to Success. Continue reading

Petra in a Day

After a couple hours of driving we arrived at the ancient Nabatean city of Petra. We entered the site by walking through a long slot canyon called The Siq. After a half mile it opened up and revealed The Treasury, the most famous monument in Petra. Continue reading

Ultramarathon Packing List

Running an Ultramarathon requires a lot more preparation than your average race. Besides putting in the training miles and developing a race plan, you’ll want to make sure you have everything you could possibly need come race day. When packing … Continue reading

My First Ultramarathon

I signed up for a 50 mile race in the Florida Keys. It was close to my home and the route was a nice flat course along a beautiful chain of tropical islands. It seemed like the perfect event to make my ultrarunning d├ębut. Continue reading

Wickham Park Marathon, 5o, 100 and 200 Mile Fun Run

As I ran around the loop, I felt I was on a 3.75 mile Fibonacci Spiral. The only way to describe it is Fung Shui perfection. The alligator infested lake is in perfect juxtaposition to the soft and sandy area called the Sahara. Continue reading

Salomon Advanced Skin S-Lab Hydration Pack Review

Salomon’s latest hydration pack, the Advanced Skin S-Lab. It’s $180, and could be the coolest piece of gear I own, but is it worth the money Continue reading

The Devil Gives a Lesson in Ultra Running

At mile 36, things were seriously starting to fall apart. The nausea had worsened, and overall I felt horrible. I stumbled into the aid station ready to quit. Continue reading

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